Welcome to The Federated Church!  We want to welcome you as our very special guest.  We are grateful that you have chosen to visit us, and we trust that God will bless you as you worship with us.

The Federated Church is a union of two churches in East Springfield, PA that took place in 1931.

Our conviction, as you will see in the front of our sanctuary, is 1 Corinthians 13:8 "Love never fails." We love the Lord and are committed to sharing His love with the whole world.

For directions and service information please call (814) 922-3655.

75 Year Mission Celebration - October 10-11

Upcoming Events:

75 Year Mission Celebration - October 10-11

The Gospels Challenge

October 5 Matthew 10

October 6 Matthew 11

October 7 Matthew 12

October 8 Matthew 13

October 9 Matthew 14

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